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ACLR’s staffing services business has been built on its ability to identify redundant and unnecessary practices, tasks, and processes and procedures and eliminate them from the workplace.  ACLR is also adept at ensuring that work is done at the appropriate level of competence; thus maximizing the level of productive output for all personnel ultimately resulting in reduced client expenditures.

Delivering competent professionals, ACLR provides all levels of personalized service necessary to ensure clients’ needs are satisfied and that all onsite and offsite personnel support our clients’ mission.  ACLR staffing services support client needs in financial and audit management, executive management consulting, and general office support.

These services are provided under NAICS 541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting services; NAICS 561320 Temporary Help Services; SIN 874-1 Consulting Services; and SIN 736-1 Administrative Support and Clerical Occupations.

Financial and Audit Management:  ACLR provides assurance professionals with significant experience and regulatory acumen in the rapidly changing financial industry.  ACLR professionals provide onsite or offsite support, merge seamlessly at all levels within corporate and government entities, and are available to meet the changing needs of our clients.  Due to the unique nature of financial services, ACLR is designed to meet all levels of client support while also providing a flexible consulting group to reduce overall contract pool rates to our clients.

Executive Management Consulting:  ACLR provides management professionals for various mission oriented business functions to include internal management or strategy consulting, complete program management, various regulatory, economic and preparedness studies, and policy and regulatory development and reviews.  Services also can include a variety of other client needs to improve business processes and organization efficiency.

General Office Support:  ACLR provides general administrative support staff in a temporary or full-time capacity as desired.  With exception of unique requests for specialty positions, ACLR provides general office support employees to meet the Service Contract Act (SCA) Directory of Occupations provided at http://www.dol.gov/esa/whd/regs/compliance/wage/SCADirV5/SCADirectVers5.pdf and with wage determinations for each occupation provided through http://www.wdol.gov/.  While onsite and offsite support will have separate General and Administrative (G&A) costs, our government clients find that ACLR has the lowest profit fees in the business.
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