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Hour Glass

The ACLR management team has extensive and varied industry experience and has undergone extensive corporate management and Six Sigma training at some of the country’s most successful and well respected companies.  This experience has resulted in the development of best practices that have served as industry benchmarks and ensured company efficiencies.

These services are provided under NAICS 541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting services; FSC 874 Management, Organization, and Business Improvement Services (MOBIS), and Sin 874-1 Consulting Services

Task Management Services:  ACLR professionals are adept at reviewing, charting, and memorializing individual business functions at a detail sufficient to meet the most stringent interpretation of Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.  Provided reports include an analysis of the tasks and their placement within the organization and any identified recommendations for streamlining the processes taking place therein.

Contractor Management Services:  The ACLR management team has considerable experience in managing multiple service providers on individual projects and business initiatives.  ACLR professionals are specifically trained to ensure that the needs of the client are paramount and that the completion of projects and initiatives is accomplished, even at the expense of future profitability. 

Time Management Services:  ACLR’s reputation has been built on its ability to identify redundant and unnecessary practices, tasks, and processes and procedures and eliminate them from the workplace.  ACLR is also adept at ensuring that work is done at the appropriate level of competence; thus maximizing the level of productive output for all personnel, which ultimately culminates in the reduction of client expenditures.

Miscellaneous Consulting Services:  ACLR professionals have experience in litigation support and testimony, providing management coaching services, legislative bill development and support, and numerous other management consulting services needed to support business programs, initiatives, and the individual needs of our clients.
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