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The ACLR management team has extensive and varied industry experience and has undergone extensive corporate management and Six Sigma training at some of the country’s most successful and well respected companies.  ACLR professionals have significant experience in identifying efficiencies and refunds, measuring and improving organizational processes and procedures, and reducing administrative and organizational costs.

Business Optimization:

ACLR’s reputation has been built on its ability to identify redundant and unnecessary practices, tasks, and processes and procedures and eliminate them from the workplace.  ACLR is also adept at ensuring that work is done at the appropriate level of competence; thus maximizing the level of productive output for all personnel, which ultimately culminates in the reduction of client expenditures.

Audit Recovery:

ACLR audit recovery professionals are adept at identifying overpayment opportunities and obtaining the necessary evidence to ensure swift resolution of refund claims.  Whether conducting a comprehensive review of supplier payments or reviewing a company’s indirect tax burden we seek to maximize refund opportunities.  Since our inception in 2005 we have secured over $50 million in refunds for our clients and, in some instances, more than doubled refunds identified by our competition.

Data Management:

ACLR professionals are well trained in data.  Typically, the data we review is gathered from many independent systems and numbers in excess of millions of records.   ACLR professionals are adept at obtaining, consolidating, and mining data to identify trends, issues, and potential opportunities.  From this, we can provide clients with information they need to make informed business decisions and maintain controllership responsibility over the information they manage.

Improper Payment Mitigation:

ACLR is well versed in providing a myriad of products geared toward the mitigation of improper payments.  From the design and development of internal controls to the development of alternative payment methodologies, ACLR professionals have assisted clients in reducing improper payments by over 95%.

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Litigation Support:

ACLR professionals are experienced in providing litigation support services to our clients.  Experience has shown us that the proper development of evidence; the identification of the evidence needed, locating the evidence, verifying the veracity of the evidence and the subsequent delivery, in a clear, concise, consistent, and professional manner, is singularly important to build an effective case.  In those instances where ACLR professionals have been called to testify, the testimony is thorough and concisely stated and every effort is made to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected.
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