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ACLR business professionals have extensive industry, consulting, and public and private accounting and auditing experience.  These experiences have translated into the identification, design, and implementation of best practices for numerous businesses and the retrieval of over $100 million in audit recoveries and cost reductions for our clients.

ACLR offers business professionals that are well trained in the latest audit recovery and cost mitigation practices.  These professionals are also well trained in locating, consolidating, and verifying data and using numerous sampling methodologies, leveraged with Six Sigma/Lean Six Sigma processes so that client reviews are designed such that they are efficient and optimize client value.


ACLR personnel have significant experience in aerospace and defense products including product manufacturing, research, testing, design and development.  ACLR statistical personnel are also experienced in the review of statistical sampling methodologies arising out of PSC/ZPIC audits and ascertaining their adherence to generally accepted statistical sampling principles and the Medicare Program Integrity Manual.  Our personnel have obtained tens of millions in audit recoveries for government contractors and are adept at improper payment identification and recovery in accordance with the Improper Payments Information Act and Recovery Auditing Act.

Industry Related:

ACLR personnel have significant accounting experience in transaction and data analysis, policy and procedure refinement, issue resolution, and overall auditing support.  Our personnel manage the complexities of state and local tax law as they pertain to refiners, manufacturers, and construction contractors and can assist in identifying audit recovery and cost mitigation opportunities.  With experience in the computer and electronic products; chemical; machinery; motor vehicle and parts; printing; steel; textiles; telecommunications; and utilities' industries; ACLR business professionals provide time-tested technical and administrative products to client businesses that result in cost mitigation and business efficiencies.


Service Related:

ACLR professionals are proficient in the office management and business services sectors including specialized experience in financial services, healthcare, transportation, and telecommunications sectors.  Our personnel understand the complexities of these businesses and are adept in a variety of accounting, auditing and cost mitigation strategies with corporate resources to offer numerous planning ideas to client businesses.   In order to maximize efficiency in our client relationships, ACLR has increased technical specialty range including management and office support personnel to maximize efficiency, leverage resources, and decrease client contractual pool rates.
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