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ACLR audit recovery professionals are adept at identifying overpayment opportunities and obtaining the necessary evidence to ensure swift resolution of refund claims.  Whether conducting a comprehensive review of supplier payments or reviewing a company’s indirect tax burden we seek to maximize refund opportunities.  Since our inception in 2005 we have secured over $100 million in refunds for our clients and, in some instances, more than doubled refunds identified by our competition.

These services are provided under NAICS 541211 Auditing services and SIN 520-9 Recovery Audits.

Duplicate Payment Reviews:  Duplicate and partial payments may arise for a variety of reasons.  ACLR professionals conduct comprehensive vendor payment reviews and works to identify and ascertain the veracity of suspected duplicate or partial duplicate payments

Indirect Tax Audits:   The complexity of indirect tax laws in taxing jurisdictions throughout the United States often creates errors in the tax decision making process.  ACLR tax professionals work diligently in conducting indirect tax reviews to ensure that its clients do not overstate their tax liabilities and to obtain refunds of any amounts owing. 

Pricing & Terms Compliance: Analyzing contracts, contract changes, supplier invoices, and payments to ensure that all terms of the contract are followed throughout the duration of the contract can be a time consuming and complicated process.  ACLR contract reviewers locate, review, and verify source documentation for each transaction and reconcile each bill to total contract charges.  Reviewers also conduct supplier visits and visually inspecting pertinent items; often significantly increasing recoveries.

Recovery Assistance:  ACLR professionals are well trained in securing recoveries and are adept at ensuring that all contacts with suppliers are sensitive to vendor/client relations such that any impact to business and associated contracts are minimized.


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