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ACLR assurance professionals are well versed and proficient in providing a variety of assurance service options for our clients.  Delivering competent professionals,

ACLR provides assurance services at all levels needed to support corporate and government clients.

These services are provided under NAICS 541211 Offices of Certified Public Accountants; NAICS 541219 Other Accounting Services; NAICS 611430 Professional and Management Development Training; SIN 520-11 Accounting; SIN 520-12 Budgeting; and SIN 520-14 Audit & Financial Training Services.

Accounting System Studies:  ACLR professionals are well versed in the use of numerous accounting systems utilized today and are adept at identifying information risk and areas for improvement.  By performing baseline and on-going accounting system reviews and special studies to include design, development, operation and inspection of accounting requirements, installed systems, controls, and processes, ACLR professionals can provide management level evaluation and recommend needed changes to improve management data processing
and control.

Transaction Processing:  ACLR transaction reviewers are experienced in reviewing, analyzing, and summarizing clients’ transactional data and are adept at resolving accounting issues, implementing process improvements, recommending and implementing efficiency matrices, and providing related services to maintain and improve financial reporting operations.

Budgetary Services:  ACLR financial analysts are adept at developing, analyzing, improving, and implementing budgets at all levels throughout client organizations and programs.  These services also include providing budget reviews throughout the execution process, forecasting future requirements, formulating solutions to budgetary control problems, and devising executive summaries and associated matrices to assist executive level evaluation throughout the budgetary cycle.

Financial Management Systems:  ACLR professionals provide complete financial reports analysis, strategic financial planning and goals, and financial policy development and execution.  Services also include the provision of automated financial service reviews and analysis, financial systems audits for internal controls and program compliance, and assisting in the development and execution of process improvements to streamline the financial reporting process.

Financial System Training:  ACLR assurance professionals also develop and facilitate onsite accounting policy and procedure training.  Provided instruction can be generic to overall accounting systems or unique to individual client requirements.

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